New Jersey Limited Liability (LLC) Formation Online

Our experienced corporate service representatives will provide you with complete expedited service at
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Use our web-based questionnaire to:
1. organize a New Jersey Limited Liability Company (LLC)
2. obtain the LLC kit, and
3. generate customized operating agreement ready to sign.
Most competing service companies go no further than providing blank forms for LLC operating agreements. With our complete service your clients LLC record book will be up-to-date from the start!
How it works:
Enter a User Name and Password.
Respond to the questions.

Our editors have included helpful tips to simplify the process.  The questions are straightforward and should take just a few minutes to answer.  We have already filled in standard answers that represent common practice.  You can change any of these answers or accept the standard answer and go directly to the next question.  At the end of the questionnaire, after you have selected the LLC kit, you will have an opportunity to review and edit your answers.


After you have submitted your completed questionnaire, your data will be saved in a file.  Once the LLC has been formed we will e-mail the customized operating agreement to you.  You may print it as is or  first make any changes you want.  Please print the page or record the File Name from the last page of the questionnaire.


If you do not answer every question, that field will be left blank in the documents. However, certain fields must be completed for the Articles of Organization.  They are marked “Required Fields.”  The system will not move forward unless they have been filled in.


Shortly after you submit your questionnaire, one of our corporate service representatives will review the documents, proceed to check name availability and file the LLC.  You will be contacted by telephone or e-mail if we have any questions.  Once the LLC has been formed you will be notified -- usually in one or two business days.  At that time, we will send the official filing receipt and certificate of formation. We will ship the LLC kit within one day after we receive the filing receipt. Thank you for using our services and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Our price includes the following:
Filing fees to State of NY, including expedited service… $153.00
Our service fee…………..……………………..…     90.00
Black Beauty Corporate kit* (includes shipping)      79.50 (taxable)
Resident Agent, initial year **    125.00
$ 447.50
** You must have Registered Agent in the state of New Jersey. It can be an individual or an active New Jersey entity with a street address in that state. We will act as Registered Agent for the corporation for an initial annual fee of $125.
 * At the end of the questions you will have an opportunity to select a different kit at less or additional cost. This on-line service is available for filings with the purchase of a LLC kit. Otherwise call to form the LLC or complete the nationwide LLC questionnaire at
If you have any questions call our Corporate Services Department at 800-221-2972  Press 2 or send an e-mail to