New Jersey Limited Liability (LLC) Formation Online

Complete expedited service, only $322.50

Use our web-based LLC Formation questionnaire for a complete service to:

1.      Organize a New Jersey Limited Liability Company

2.      Obtain the LLC kit

3.      Create a customized operating agreement ready to sign, not just blank forms as our competitors provide.

How it works:

Enter a User Name and Password

Respond to the questions.

Our editors have included helpful tips to simplify forming a NJ LLC. The questions are straight forward and should take just a few minutes to answer.  There are default answers, which may be changed, that represent common practice.  At the end of the questionnaire, after you have selected the LLC kit, you will have an opportunity to review and edit your answers. Empty fields can be left blank in the documents. However, certain fields must be completed for the Certificate  of Formation. They are marked “Required Fields.” The system will not move forward unless they have been filled in.

After you have submitted your completed questionnaire, your data will be saved in a file. Once the LLC has been formed we will e-mail the customized operating agreement to you. You may print it as is or make any changes you want. 

Please print the page or record the File Name from the last page of the questionnaire.

A corporate service representative will review the documents, check the name availability and file the LLC.  We will contact you by telephone or e-mail if we have any questions.  Once the LLC has been formed you will be notified – in about two days, and the LLC kit will be sent to you.

Our package price includes:

Filing fee to the State of New Jersey (includes expedited service)               $153.00

Our service fee                                                                                                   90.00

Black Beauty Corporate Kit                                                                               79.50


You must have a Registered Agent in the state of New Jersey. It can be an individual or an active entity with a street address in New Jersey.

We can act as Registered Agent. Initial annual fee                                          125.00                           


If you have any questions, call our Corporate Services Department at 800-221-2972, press 2, or send an e-mail to

 * At the end of the questions you will have an opportunity to select a premium kit at additional cost.